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What is Refurbishing?

Top Dawg Modular Service refurbishes cubicles when a client needs to either match the finishes of existing cubicles or wants to utilize a specific color scheme. TDMS has an array of finish options that allow our clients to express themselves and create an office environment that fits their own style without the expense of purchasing new.

Top Dawg Modular Service employs a combination of remanufacturing and refurbishing processes to reclaim and reuse unwanted office cubicles. We take cubicles from our inventories of used cubicles, disassemble the units, repair or replace worn out or broken parts and prepare the components (panels, work surfaces, metal parts) for refurbishing.

Top Dawg Modular Service replaces the fabric on the panels and the laminate on the work surfaces. The top caps, base trim and other metal components, like shelves and filing cabinets and drawers, can be repainted using our electrostatic method. This technique allows the statically charged paint to seek out and adhere to the grounded metal parts, preventing overspray, splatters and waste.

Top Dawg Modular Service utilizes fabrics that include those manufactured from 100% recycled or renewable materials. For our work surfaces, we offer laminates that are made from a combination of hard and soft wood from FSC controlled wood sources, post-consumer non-bleached recycled paper and rapidly renewable Eucalyptus. We use paints and adhesives with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).



When you decide that Refurbishing is the right choice, please contact Top Dawg Modular Service to begin the design process and choosing the finish materials that are right for you! These are just some of the many finishes that are available for you choosing!




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